Firefighter Accessories

10 Firefighter Accessories Every Frontliner Must Carry in their Turnout Gear

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Firefighter Accessories

Firefighters, the modern-day heroes, face immense challenges in their life-saving missions. A shocking 60,450 firefighters were injured in 2021 while on duty, highlighting the risks they bravely navigate. To empower these frontline warriors and ensure their safety, having the right gear and firefighter accessories is crucial.

In firefighting, every accessory in a firefighter’s turnout gear is not just a tool but a lifeline—a shield against the unpredictable.

Here, we’ll discuss the top must-have accessories that are the unsung heroes, supporting the courage of those who stand between danger and safety.

Essential Firefighter Accessories

1.      Flashlight & Headlamp

A flashlight is a must-have for any firefighter accessories. It’s a simple but vital tool that assists in navigating through dark and smoky environments, locating victims, signaling for help, and inspecting the scene. Look for a sturdy flashlight that’s durable, waterproof, bright, and easy to handle with gloves. Always keep spare batteries and a backup flashlight handy.

In addition to flashlights, headlamps are valuable accessories that can be attached to your helmet. They provide hands-free illumination, allowing you to perform other tasks like carrying tools or aiding victims while having a light source directly on your head.

2.      Radio

Communication is of utmost importance during firefighting operations. A reliable radio is one of the most crucial firefighter accessories that allows you to stay connected with your team, the command center, and other emergency services. It’s your lifeline for receiving vital information, such as weather conditions, fire behavior, evacuation orders, and details about rescue operations. Make sure you have a rugged radio that’s durable, waterproof, loud, and clear. It’s also wise to carry a spare battery and a headset or earpiece for added convenience.

3.      Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is like a Swiss Army knife for firefighters. It’s a versatile accessory that comes in handy for various tasks. Multi-tools typically include pliers, scissors, knives, screwdrivers, and more.

Firefighter Accessories

You can use them to cut wires, open doors or windows, repair equipment, and many other situations. Choose a compact multi-tool that’s easy to use with gloves on and has the features you need.

4.      Personal Alert Safety System (PASS)

A PASS is a life-saving firefighter accessories that emits a loud alarm when it detects that you are immobile or in distress. It serves as your distress signal, alerting your team members or the command center that you need assistance or rescue. A reliable PASS is essential. It should be loud and easy to activate and deactivate while wearing gloves.

5.      Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)

TICs are advanced tools that use infrared technology to detect heat. This critical firefighter accessories helps you see through smoke and darkness, making it easier to locate hot spots, hidden fires, victims, and potential hazards. TICs also aid in assessing the behavior of the fire, monitoring its spread, and planning your strategy. Look for a TIC that is robust, waterproof, bright, and easy to operate with gloves on.

6.      Water Bottle

Firefighting is physically demanding and can lead to dehydration, fatigue, and heat exhaustion. Staying hydrated is vital. Carry a durable, leak-proof water bottle that keeps your drink insulated. It should also be easy to carry and drink from.

7.      Rope

Ropes are simple yet useful tools. They come in handy for securing objects or victims, creating anchors or harnesses, rappelling, tying knots, and more. Look for ropes that are strong, flexible, and resistant to heat and abrasion. Keep them in a rope bag or pouch for easy storage and transport.

8.      Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

An SCBA is a critical accessory for firefighters working in hazardous environments. It provides a clean air supply for a limited amount of time, depending on the cylinder’s size and pressure. Make sure your SCBA is reliable, comfortable, easy to use, and maintain. Regularly inspect it for signs of damage or malfunction and replace it as needed.

9.      Webbing

Webbing is another one of the very versatile firefighter accessories made from strips of nylon or polyester. It can be used for various purposes, such as lifting objects or victims, creating slings or harnesses, securing equipment or hoses, tying knots, and more. Look for strong, flexible webbing that’s resistant to heat and abrasion. It’s handy to have webbing in different lengths and colors to suit your needs.

10.  Door Wedges

Door wedges may be small, but they serve a valuable purpose. They can be inserted between the door and the frame to keep it open or closed. Door wedges help create ventilation paths, prevent backdrafts or flashovers, secure entry or exit points, and mark searched rooms. Look for door wedges that are durable, visible, and easy to use.

Firefighter Accessories


End Note

These tools help you perform your job better, protect yourself and others, and save lives. Of course, there are many other accessories you may need or want in your turnout gear, depending on your preferences and needs. The most important thing is to have the right equipment for the right situation and to use it properly and safely.

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